Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Andy's toy :)

i just watched Toy Story 3 :)
*ketinggalan zaman, baru nak tengok

ending diaa.. sedih. HOHO =.=


Blog itu duniaku said...

i pun dah tgk gak, kat maktab laaa,
berkurun kot..
haha, tgk ramai-ramai kat dlm bilik prs..
sunday nite movie!!!
but, bear yg purple tu jahat kan??

Sharifah Nur Aina said...

betul2. mula2 tgk bear tu mcm comel je. dont judge the book by its cover betul =.=

tna :) said...

better late than never :)

Dahlan said...

Hahahha, Toy Story. I would call it a movie that follows our age i think. Yelah, from Toy Story 1, until now we have gone into Toy Story 3.

I used to remember, watching Toy Story 1, on Laserdisc. A format which is not very familiar. But was fun, watching back then as a little kid.

Sharifah Nur Aina said...

haha TNA, betul betul. better late than never.

yes, we growing up with toy story :)
tk pernah bosan sekali pun tgk toy story.