Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do we really need to be like that?

i know some type of girls.

there are some girls that will be totally different person infront of opposite sex. =.=
in a second, she can change from a cold girl to a very bubbly and adorable girl. sometimes, she can be the sweetest girl on earth or maybe the cutest girl in the universe. i love to observe people. they will GRAB all the opportunity to have the attention from the opposite sex. HAHA i dont have problem with them, seriously. its just funny to me. they desperately NEED the attention from the opposite sex.

Girls, from my observation,
some of the boys out there will never start touching you unless u start it first. believe me. once u have start making body contact with them, holding their hands, and MANY more, they will start to feel comfortable enough to touch you. so the decision are YOURS. therefore, dont put the blame on them everytime SOMETHING bad happen.

and i just read entries from IZYAN and DIDOT 
im totally agree with them :)
you dont have to kill yourself just because you dont have boyfriend.
STUDY first, the RIGHT time will come to youu * i keep on telling this to myself

i just want to a BETTER person everdayy :)
*muka penuh bermotivasi*


MAI said...

setujuu! :) macam macam orang ada.

Yanaa said...

HAHA boleh tak nak click "Best" banyak kali?! Hahahaha Im totallllllyy agree with you, no doubt =D yg part body contact and mcm la boleh mati kalau takde bf. We're just too young to be adults, its your life "Dont worry be happy"

Yours sincerely,
Yana lots of love. XOXO (Dah mcm surat rasmi)

NurKhalida said...

Go sherry go!!

Dahlan said...

Well Sherry, you're so right on this. We can be different, in the sense of being much nicer, a good listener, a patient person, look more beautiful. But we shouldn't change like, trying to be Hip Hop, Cool and so on.

You are also right about girls giving boys what they want. It's actually both party who should control that.

The lucky part about girls is, the guy will find them. They just have to sit and decide. They don't have to find. It's natural, i guess.

Fuh Fuh! Thumbs up to the new motivator, Sherry!

Sharifah Nur Aina said...

huhu yeah go DIDOT!

kan Mai kan, ingat tak kat maktab mcm mana kita selalu risau apa org lain rasa? orang mcm mcm =.=

Dahlan the motivator, your girl will be so lucky to have you :)

Yeah Yana, mari enjoy umur setahun jagung kita niii, HAHA.

Syed Adib said...

btol3..tula hipokrit nmenya
y part touch2 tu, observe dr mne ek?

Sharifah Nur Aina said...

katakan tidak pada hipokrit, tp kan, sometimes, kita kena jugak hipokrit utk certain situation kot.

encik adib, banyak lah tempat utk diobservekan.
tempat kerja, sekolah. banyak lg

tna :) said...

cant agree m0re to tht.
bile dah smakin dewase bnde tu da jd small matter
the most important thing is study dlu.

btw, ppl yg c0ntrol dpn guys tu,
they live among me.haha
da biase da.
lyn jela:)P

Dahlan said...

Haha. Wat lawak lah Sherry nih. Girl will be lucky? Hmm.. maybe. Well, still looking for my dreamgirl :). Ni mesti Sherry dh bace post jiwang2 sy kan?

Sharifah Nur Aina said...

haha TNA, kan kan? kita tk boleh lari dari org yg spesies control nih =.=

Dahlan, what is HER criteria?

IzyanLiyana said...

yeahhh! sherry.
that's the spirit
ade org yg mcm tu kat dunia ni,
layan opposite sex the best they can.
kdg2 mls nak lyn org camtu.
kite mamapu gelak je.
so true anout the touching part.
only u can protect ur body! :))
someday we will meet our love n may it be the first , last forever love we ever had!

Sharifah Nur Aina said...

haha yeahh izi. HE somewhere out there. study first, pegang duit sendiri :D *muka berkobar kobar. haha